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48V LiFePO4 batterij

48V 75AH Power Lithium Batterij voor Industrie

48V 75AH Power Lithium Batterij voor Industrie

48V 75Ah UPS Hoge levensduur 5kw 10kwh 100kwh industrie en commer boerderij zonne-energie Opslag 100ah 200ah Lifepo4 48v Lithium ion Batterijen

    Model number
    Type of Battery
    Lithium Iron Phosphate
    Warranty/Cycle life
    Warranty 5 years/ Cycle 4000times
    Standard Voltage
    Standard capacity
    Model of Battery pack
    Battery assembly method
    Internal resistance of battery pack
    Charging cut-off voltage
    Discharge cut-off current
    Discharge cut-off voltage
    Maximum continuous charging current
    Maximum continuous discharging current




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Product Performance

ALLITH has CAN/RS485/RS232 three communication Terminal and cycle times more than 6000 times (DOD90%) more than 10 years

of use.

Maximum number of parallel machines: 36

We have surpassed most manufacturers in technology.


Product Advantage

ALLITH is proud to tell you that BMS is independently developed by us and has run stably for three years after repeated internal

tests and customer sample tests.

Because our BMS has three communication interfaces, we are compatible and match 99% of common inverters. The success rate for

resale is greatly improved.

ALLITH is responsible to tell you that ALLITH is committed to r&d and innovation. Ten years of use because of the product itself.

ALLITH will be responsible to the end, which is our team's confidence and affirmation of technology.


Products Accessories

If you purchase an ALLITH product, you will get:

Lithium iron Phosphate Battery Pack (LIFEPO4)

2. A set of power line connecting load

3. Connection line for parallel machine (one battery pack, one set)

4. User manual (LOGO can be customized)

5. Remote installation guidance and video explanation

6. Enjoy the services of international logistics companies with which ALLITH has cooperated for 11 years. Before each shipment,

the internal products will be strictly packed (to prevent collision, to prevent falling, to prevent loss) and outer packing

according to customer requirements.

7. Installation tools (electrician's kit, motor, etc.) are available and need to be communicated with ALLITH staff.


LCD screen, Bluetooth can be added

The output port adopts gold-plated embedded link to avoid: leakage, rust, aging, etc., resulting in paralysis of the entire system.

Communication support: off-grid, hybrid systems.

Communication interface: CAN/RS485/RS232 matches 99% inverter

If you need a full set of PV systems (battery + PV + inverter), please contact ALLITH sales staff.

We promise: provide preliminary plan within 24 hours (after satisfaction) -- provide detailed plan within 48 hours

If an ALLITH business person does not respond to your message within four hours, please send a email to

Dongguan Huajiedongli Technology Co., Ltd. (Brand:Allith) was established in 2011.

Huajiedongli is a high-tech enterprise specializing in battery research and development, production and sales, with more than 20

core technicians (including 2 doctors and 5 masters).We take "pioneering and innovative, pragmatic and enterprising, always take

quality as the premise, market-oriented, people-oriented" business philosophy, committed to production cost and quality

control,the maximum benefit to customers and consumers.


Welcome all customers and friends to visit our factory and office

Looking forward to cooperating with you!!

Q: Do you sell parts?
A: If you ordered an item from us and need a replacement part outside of warranty coverage, we are happy to help you place a replacement parts order! 
Q: Do you only sell genuine products?
A: Yes! We are proud to only sell only the best quality authentic products. Counterfeits are not allowed on our website. 
Q: What is the warranty coverage for the items I’m interested in?
A: Most of our products have warranties on manufacturing defects. Some products also offer a complete warranty from 1-5 years from the date of purchase. These warranties vary from
item to item! Which may be mentioned on the product listing, for any further queries, contact us regarding this and we will be happy to help. 
Q: How do I know if your product listings are accurate?
A: We have a lot of item data constantly being updated! Sometimes this may lead to issues like inaccurate product information, incorrect pricing or outdated product availability. We apologize for those issues.
Q: I checked out the shipping ETA on the product page, but I need this item sooner! Can you ship it any faster?
A: If you need your product faster than what is estimated, we may be able to offer overnight or two-day delivery at an additional charge. You can raise such a request and our team can update the shipping options on the phone and can choose the suitable option by paying the corresponding charges.

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Ik laat een bericht achter.

Ik laat een bericht achter.

    Als u geïnteresseerd bent in onze producten en meer details wilt weten, laat dan hier een bericht achter en wij zullen u zo snel mogelijk antwoorden.